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Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material. Our team has the proper floor grinding equipment and experience needed to grind concrete surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. This process delivers superior durability and the performance of concrete, more and more of our retail, commercial and industrial customers and even homeowners are choosing this type of smooth, high-luster flooring option.


Stained concrete delivers it’s own unique elegance and beauty. It requires a great amount of skill and artistry to master this coloring medium. Staining concrete allows us to embed rich translucent tones that take on a different look depending upon on the surface and application techniques. We can create a wide variety of design styles, from polished marble to natural stone, stained wood and more. The creative options are truly exciting, even to us!


Epoxy coatings have gained popularity over the past 5 years. It’s a great option for anyone looking for durability and beauty. Epoxy combines “polymer resins and hardeners that result in a chemical bond with the concrete”. The system offers a wide variety of colors and decorative finishing options. The benefits of epoxy coating include:
    • Greater surface durability than
       traditional floor paint
    • Hold up well in high heavy traffic area
    • Easy-to-clean and stain resistant
    • Suitable for both residential and commercial             projects
    • Allows our team to create unique beautiful                 designs with many decorative of finishing                   options


Concrete resurfacing is a way to breath new life to damaged or old concrete. Our team applies a coating on top of the existing surface, using a variety of color, texture and pattern options. This process can be applied to driveways, patios, pool decks and even indoor floors.


Diamond grinding concrete entails using specialty equipment to grind a concrete surface in order to clean or smooth it out. Our team uses a variety of diamond pads designed to achieve different results and finishes to your floor. The process can be used to hone the floor into a semi-polished look or fully polished floor. Call us to discuss if diamond grinding is suitable for your flooring needs.


With any concrete repair, it’s important to understand what caused the problem. This is a critical step to being able to delivery a repair that lasts. Once we understand the reason for the problem, i.e. is the damage structural or superficial? Then we can begin the process of creating a solution that mitigates the origin of the problem and delivers a long lasting quality result.